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Today, positive education and parenting is a matter of finding a middle ground where we honor our children’s new set of abilities without over empower,  isolating or artificially making the world easier for them — Gaby Casanas, Founder of The Unbeatables Academy

Everyone knows that the kids who are born now are especially “sensitive”; the way they process the information is so different than the past generations used to have that parenting is not an easy task, but everything in life is about perspective and finding the right tools.

The Unbeatables Academy is that “right” tool that can offer you constant, updated, effective and sharp training on how to be an “unbeatables parent” and where you also are able to share with a group of “colleagues” (other parents and caregivers) your opinions, worries, doubts and experiences.

We have created, just for you,  this life skills laboratory where we discover the simplest and easiest SOULutions  to bring out the best in you and in your children. Developed by experts in different areas such as: wellness, lifestyle, psychology,  family counseling, and life coaching,  you will find, in one place and in the comfort of your home, the answers to many challenges related to parenting and the education of your children.

Join all those individuals and couples that, like you, are deeply committed to equip those little, but highly intelligent souls, with effective life skills that allow them to find their right fit in the world there were born in.

With The Unbeatables Academy, you will learn:

  • How can you grow as an individual to become a right model for your kids
  • How can you and your partner grow as a couple to send a consistent message to your kids
  • How can you grow as a family to set a solid foundation
  • How can you help your kids to build character and resilience
  • How can you contribute with your kids’ emotional intelligence
  • How can you teach your kids to set positive boundaries
  • How can you help your kids to actually enjoy school
  • How can you ensure well being in your family
  • How can you differentiate protection from over protection
  • How can you help your kids to handle bullying and peer pressure
        And much more…



Gaby Casanas

The Unbeatables Academy CEO
Camp Unbeatables Camp Director
Licenced Marriage & Family Therapist
Clinical Hydrologist
Wellness and Life Coach
Advanced Theta Healer

Kassandra Mutis
Project Coordinator


Marianna Monroy

Online Marketing Specialist

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